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Natural Eczema Remedies August 21, 2009

If you are reading this then you are concerned about the effects of Eczema on yourself or a loved one and you are looking for a treatment for eczema.

Eczema Cause / The causes of Eczema

Medical experts around the world agree that there is not one simple cause of Eczema and there is no simple Eczema cure.

Experts do agree that in general the population in western cultures all have a greater incidence of Eczema than less developed countries however as these countries become more ‘westernised’ the incidence of Eczema is increasing.

Eczema and Food

The one thing that experts do agree on is that for many people food is a contributory element in the causes of Eczema and in finding Eczema remedies.

Diet – an Eczema cause and Eczema remedy

Professor Williams, Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Dermatology at the University of Nottingham, UK suggests that the links to Eczema and Food are ‘overhyped’ however he acknowledges that some people can be treated by a change in diet and there is plenty of evidence from Eczema sufferers that a change in diet is a great Eczema remedy and that it reduces eczema symptoms for many.

Are you prepared to work at natural eczema remedy?

Unfortunately for some people Eczema will persist throughout childhood and, for some, into adulthood. However for many sufferers a special diet change can make dramatic changes in their condition within a very short time.

Now this is not as simple as stopping milk or coffee for 10 days, you will need to be prepared to work at this and follow the steps over the 10 days, it will involve visiting strange parts of your local food shop and maybe even finding a couple of new shops. Oh, and no fast food for the 10 days.  After the 10 days people can return to a near normal diet which may include excluding or minimising the intake of some foods.

The plan also gives details of Infant Eczema and how Eczema  in children can be improved or cured. If you visit my site you can see Eczema Pictures

To help identify the symptoms of Eczema and to see before and after pictures of people who have used this diet plan.

Note variations on the spelling of Eczema: Excema, Ecxema, Exema